Thursday, March 16, 2023



Typing on the computer, a pounding on the door. I hardly have the phone plugged in.
My daughter making calls and being a nurse helped me weed through a maze of information to make the decision today.

Watching 60 Minutes about clinical trials for dogs with cancer, I started tooking and found we have them in our state.

At first I thought I might pay about $1000 and if Kookie made it, the study would pay the rest.

Kind of hard for me to dig through what they were talking about, Lucky for me my kid is a nurse and began to prepare notes to ask and find out things.. appointment made but...

Found out because Kookie is so big they would not have enough of 'the cells?) for her to be in the study.

The study would require cutting off her leg 

They couldn't give an estimate of the amount of time it might add to her life but reading lots of pages fom Google it might be a matter of months " dog osteosarcoma life expectancy"

From what I understood, the cost of these proceedures might be over $10,000 ?  for what ever time might be added . I do not know what pain the pups might go through.

Puppies r so cute n make us laugh n love em .. 
After I was retired, my kid called and asked if I would be home n when she got here, she had a fuzzy puppy n asked if I would take her. I didn't want a dog but as soon as I held her, I loved her.
While I knew she was dying the grief would not stop n after I got another to save me (PuppyDog)

When I knew PuppyDog was gonna die, I got Kookie to save me. The pic above is Kookie with PuppyDogs collar.
Now that Kookie's end is in site, she does not know .. happy n goofy as ever. No pain yet and when she is in the truck headed for town she is so happy n barks all the way in.

While she is still able I will take her to get all the pets she can. When there is too much pain I will keep her loaded up on pain pills.. as long as she wags her tail she will be here with me.. to worry n wait till the end.

The waiting, worrying n crying will last that long. When it is finished, it will just be the crying part.

Touche the fight, the hope yields to the fate.

The cells they would have used in their study comes from blood donations from dogs. YOUR PUP MIGHT BE A HERO  TOO .

I thought to have a final event in June but it is not likely now. I have never been to the park alone so that magic is gone.
March 16th as I am typing this so I hope it will be a bit longer for pets.

I do a lot of living with past memories that tickle me. Those brave enough to be slimmed and pawed by Kookie are legacy left to me in the photos that I visit.

Right now she is laying on my foot and as playful as ever. PuppyDog (pup before Kookie) after a short time 

PuppyDog was so gentle with her bear but I had to put em up on the shelf so Kookie wouldn't destroy em